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Costa Rican Gourmet coffee now available to buy online through our Café Montana coffee shop!

Many visitors to Costa Rica have sampled our fine 100% Arabica coffee products grown in the highlands of Costa Rica.  We offer you a great variety of Costa Rican coffee at very special prices.

Buy your Costa Rican coffee online, arabica coffee, espresso coffee, dark roast coffee, medium roast coffee, and light roast coffee.

The response was so positive from these visitors that we decided to sell our gourmet coffee and roasted coffee online.  Get the traditional coffee or our gourmet Reserva de Exportacion coffee in our online coffee shop.  Buy your Costa Rican coffee and gourmet coffee online now!

Our website is customer friendly, secure and your Costa Rican gourmet coffee will be delivered right to your doorstep in a variety of roasting gourmet coffee selections for you to mix and match and enjoy.

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Traditional Montana Coffee*

8 ounces

Price $ 7 US

Traditional Montana Coffee*

2 lb/2 ounces

Price $ 22 US